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                時間:2017-01-09 00:00:00   |    魅族紅人◣館

                by James Stanfield

                1987 年,波蘭著名◥的外科醫生Zbigniew Religa在完成了一臺◆耗時23小時的心臟也是眉头皱起移植手術後,仍守候在手術臺邊,密切關註著∩生命監測設備,而他的助手由於疲倦已經蜷縮在墻角邊睡著了。



                -he got the perfect shot. He’d captured the anxious eyes of Dr. Zbigniew Religa tracking the vital signs of a heart-transplant patient. “I never let him out of my sight, never turned my back on him,” he says. “This was the payoff.”

                -It was 1987, in an outmoded operating room in post-Soviet Poland. Stanfield was looking for an image that would portray the critical state of the country’s free health- care system—and that’s exactly what he got.

                -His lens not only focuses on a dedicated surgeon’s eyes, but also on a patient hooked up to technologically outdated equipment. Stanfield also includes a weary staff member (far right) sleeping after assisting Religa with two transplants during an all-night session. “Each of these elements,” says Stanfield, “gives dimension and drama to the photograph, while helping tell a story.

                -“In this day and age you need more than a pretty photograph, you need information,” he adds.

                -But before a photographer can get that kind of information, they need to put in a lot of time. Stanfield studied Religa carefully, established a bond of trust, and then assumed a quiet presence in the surgeon’s surroundings.

                -“My skill probably lies in my ability to enter into the flow of people’s lives,” he says.

                2009年Religa醫生去世,享年 70 歲,照片中的★另外一位主角,手術墨麒麟啊墨麒麟臺上心臟移植成功的老人Tadeusz ?ytkiewicz依然健在,已經82歲,他曾經三次你就先让烈阳军团心臟病發作,情況嚴重。因為當時已經◣61歲高齡,之前沒有在這個年齡段成功移植心臟的先例,沒有醫生有膽量做這個手術,最後Zbigniew Religa接下了他並完成了手術。


                心臟移植∞醫師  ,翻譯過來,片名應該你有几分把把握可以达到神器叫「神」(Bogowie)

                主演Tomasz Kot和當年的Zbigniew Religa簡十级仙帝直如出一轍。